Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good Moments!

Today, I absolutely love my life!
For some reason, as I was washing dishes, I began to think about the things that make me so happy and thankful! Here are a select few:

-an amazing, thoughtful, hard-working husband
-getting to wake up and find fresh food in my refrigerator and good things for my children to eat
-friends and family
-a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby boy!!!!
-a good job
-eyes that can see God's creation all around me.

Then I thought about how sometimes, my happiness and joy is situational, meaning if things are great, I am. If things aren't so great, then I'm not! I want to always be able to find the joy and happiness that God brings....when the man I love is gone, when the food runs out, when my children are searching and struggling, when the job is gone, when the eyes don't see well any more.
Hopefully, these things are far down the road but even still, what truly makes me happy??
My current status and situation or the simple fact that I am loved and created by God?
He is enough for May it be so all our days.

Friday, February 22, 2008

And It's A...........

Well, we now KNOW what it is that's due this July.
Funny story...
I fell down the stairs Wednesday, sprained my foot and called the OB. She said she wanted to see me first thing Thursday am. So there we were, just sitting. She said , "Well, do you want to go ahead and find out what it is? I'd like to get an ultrasound anyway to see if everything's ok after the fall."
Right when she turned the machine on, she knew!!!!!! We go back March 4 for a complete US and we'll make absolutely sure again but in the meantime.......

Think trucks and trains and warm summer days
Think hugs and kisses and bathtime fishes
Think blue and green and cowboys in between
Think rough and tough toys
'Cause WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

Yesterday was our best Valentine's Day ever!! Jonathan grilled filet mignon and asparagus and I made twice-baked potatoes and chocalate strawberries! The funny thing is that I had made a new recipe for dark chocalate mousse and it turned out awful so at the last minute J and the girls went out to the store and got strawberries and Ghiradelli chocalate. They were delicious!
The girls went to sleep around 7 and then we ate after that! I have decided that I could never be a vegetarian! I LOVED that steak! Glory also picked out a pot of beautiful white tulips and brought them home to me. Tulips are my favorite flower.Happy Valentine's Day to you all!
From all of us in Arizona!

A Dad and His Girls!

Last Sunday night was our neighborhood's annual Father/Daughter Dance! Jonathan and Glory got all dressed up and went while Grace and I went out for gelato on our own date!
The dance was beautiful! They had a dinner with a chocolate fountain and Glory ate her fill. They gave each girl a wrist corsage and a medal to commemmorate the special event! Next year we'll send both the girls.Our neighborhood does alot of activities like this each month and we really like that! Next weekend is the Rodeo Roundup with real animals and games for the kids. Glory's most excited about wearing her pink and white cowgirl boots with all the princesses that light up when she walks! And Grace just wants to see if there are any momma cows there!!
The pic at the bottom is of Grace and Jonathan making flax apple muffins, which were delicious!!!!! You'll find the recipe on the back of the Hodgson Mill Flax seed box! Love you all!

Love Is In The Air

These were taken last week as we were getting ready for church.I haven't been able to update our blog in a long time because our computer was acting up. But these were pretty special pics I wanted to share!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Book Meme

Never done this before or even heard of it, but I thought it was cool.
This is how it works.

1.Pick up the nearest book(of at least 123 pages).
2. Turn to page 123.
3.Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post the next 3 sentences.
5.Tag five people.

This is from a study Bible commentary.

Raised in Pharoah's court(Ex. 2:10), Moses became a master of Egyptian culture and politics(Acts 7:22). He probably did not have the level of responsibility that Joseph had before him(Gen, 41:41). But he enjoyed a privileged position that gave him access to the "treasures of Egypt"(Hebrews 11:26)

I tag Jennifer, Erin, Pamela, Margaret and my mom.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

16 Week Prego Pic!

Sorry...forgot to turn the pic! Turned 16 weeks on Friday!
Love to all! March 4, we find out the sex! That's a Tuesday by the way!!!! Either way, after we find out, I want to go to Chick-Fil-A for a Southwestern salad and yes, one, just, one Coke!

Some New Decor!

Here's the living room after Cami, my friend and interior decorator, helped us out. Sure is great to have friends that can do things you're not great at!

Second and third are of the guest room/baby room! Jonathan's mom will get to stay here when whe moves and Jerry(Jonathan's dad)was here this past week and said the bed was comfortable! Hope he was telling the truth! Pamela will be here in March so we wanted to be ready for all our company!

Just Girls!

Just a few recent pics....Glory and Grace like black tights with whatever else and they wear them to bed!
Glory at a friend's birthday party today, enjoying chocalate cake!
The girls at Madera Canyon, a great hiking and camping spot we like to visit!

Church Happenings

I realized I haven't mentioned much on the blog about our church here and how it's doing! We love it and it's going great. Please check the website at
We average about 150 people a week, we have lots of young families and children, but we need to grow our youth group. Jonathan helps lead the youth group every Sunday night with his friend Steven Compton.
I'm getting to lead worship with our worship team about twice a month and LOVE that. We have a great team. We need a drummer to complete us..we're working on that. I love the worship experience!
We just finished a series on money management, based on Dave Ramsey and I loved it. Apparently, consumer debt is a pretty common problem in our community and this will help, I believe.
Jonathan and I attend a small group on Thursdays and as we grow, we'd like to branch off and start our own.
We meet at the local elementary school every Sunday so on Saturday night, Jonathan heads over there with some other guys to help set up the cafeteria to look like our church. It's alot of work but it looks really nice. Then after service on Sunday, a team stays behind to pack it all back up into boxes for the next week.
We love being a part of something new and growing! Come and visit!!!!!!!!

My First Week on Nights

Wow, so I admire people who work nights! It is ROUGH!!!!! This week I worked Tuesday and Thursday and slept REALLY great when I got home!!!!!
This will be an adjustment! Please let me know if you have great advice that will help me!!!

Had a doc appt. Friday am. All is well. We find out what this little peanut is on March 4th......March 4!!! We are very excited!!!!!! I'm starting to think it's a girl, but who knows! I thought both the girls were boys so my motherly instinct is obviously a bit off!
Last night, Jonathan and I both saw my belly button jump. It was the first kick we could see and we both got pretty excited! This baby is pretty active!

Right now, the best foods in the world are Nilla wafers and blueberries! I cannot get enough blueberries! Those little things do amazing things for me. Since Wal-Mart matches competitor's ads, I march right in there and get six packages of those suckers! And then I eat a whole one on the drive home! I also really like Taco Bell's rice and beans! Very good. Try them and tell me what you think!

We went house-looking today. Very fun!
Our house here that we're renting is coming along nicely! It looks like Jonathan's mom is moving here to stay for a while before she finds her own place and we finished getting her room ready this week. I hope she loves it!