Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter and Mr. Frog

This is a stuffed frog that Grace is crazy about. She bathes him almost daily in the sink and carries him around like a baby. Thought I should document the love!

Baby Kaidynce!

Pround Papa Doug Stout, second from left, and his wife, Kim are good friends of ours here in AZ and they just had Baby Kaidynce Alizabeth early Sunday morning. I got to be there and it was awesome. Kim and I work together at St. Joseph's and we also carpool. We are so happy and thankful for the healthy, happy delivery. Baby Kaidynce and I are bonding down below in the hospital nursery while the other new babies are sleeping away. You can see the end of the cribs all lined up! Have I mentioned I love my job? It's the sauce, especially when you're right there for your friend's most awesome day of her life! Congratulations, Kim and Doug!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Weekend!

Oh, how I love the weekend!! Last weekend Jerry and Christine came for a visit and we had a great time! We got family pics taken and went to the mall and the zoo and just chilled out. It was nice to be all together with no responsibilities at the time.
We were a bit concerned about Christine who got pretty sick Saturday night. She's still getting over a bad bug. We miss them already but we'll be back in Houston for Pamela's wedding in late June. And at that time, my cousin, Erin, will have had her baby, whom we will get to meet. Can't wait for that!

Funny quote from Grace...lately she keeps singing Jingle Bells even though it's only April and this is how one line goes...Oh what fun it is to ride in a farfen-gusten sleigh. I crack up whenever she gets to that part!

The girl's new routine as of late is to get in our bed in the morning and snuggle until Glory has to get ready for school. We like that. She's a tall one, that Glory. We think she'll be a runner ...
Justus is crawling everywhere these days, trying to get into trouble!! He lovest o eat anything on the floor so we're teaching the girls about choking and all that fun stuff. They're so good with him.
We went swimming yesterday...first time this year. Might go again today. It was 97 yesterday. WE had a blast!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays. I love Easter. Without it, there would be no Saviour, no resurrection, no hope. So, we're all pretty pumped at our place! I was actually baptized at the age of 7 on Easter Sunday so I'll be doing a little reminiscing.
We'll try to take lots of pics and get them up asap. We're having two services at Common Ground Church tomorrow and Jonathan and I are involved in both. We are to be there at 7:30 am. Whew! We get to wake up and see the sun rise! I'm actually looking forward to it!
The girls are wearing little sundresses with beautiful butterflies all over them . Guess what a steal they were? I got 'em for 6 bucks each at Old Navy last fall!!! I'm pumped!
After church, we're going to our friend's, Doug and Kim's, for a big dinner with several couples. Pecan pie, I'm making homemade mashed potatoes, there will be ham, salad, bread, all the good stuff! I'm excited. Then I get to work tomorrow night and see all the Easter babies!
Have a great Easter, everyone...sending up thanks to a Risen Saviour.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sorry, Justus, didn't mean to chop off your head...
Everything in front of the girls is made of tiny Lego's. and the vehicles are actually moving, driving around the city. This part of the park was amazing. WE enjoyed it the most, I think.

Glory with Bob and Wendy from Bob the Builder. We got to see their show in 3D.

Just chillin'

Our hotel was really nice. Jonathan found it on Priceline and we were impressed. It looked more like a cottage when you walk in than a hotel and Glory enjoyed organizing all our food in the "pantry". She even poured all our cereal on Saturday morning!

San Diego Beach!

We had such a blast all Sunday afternoon at the beach. Justus took his nap there and the girls built sand castles. The water was frigid but there were some crazies who were out in it anyway. I wasn't one of them! We ate lunch on the beach and buried Grace in the sand. Found lots of shells for Grace's collection and Glory even made herself a pillow of sand and laid down on it for a little snooze!