Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hannah Montana

We went to see the new Hannah Montana movie with the two G's last night. It was really good. The girls seemed to have a lot of fun on our little date as we left Justus with "Aunt Karina and Uncle Randy." Good movie and fun times. Today the girls went with Jonathan for church setup and Justus and I are hanging back at the house. He's asleep so I've been enjoying some alone time. I dusted, did dishes, put my makeup on without having to stop in the middle of eyeliner application and practiced our worship music for the morning. I also went through some more pictures from a couple weeks and ago and wanted to post them. Yes, I am a proud mother and a happy one too! We're planning a simple day today, maybe some swimming, a treasure hunt walk(this is where you get a baggie and fill it with strange and unusual things...once we found a shedded snake skin), some decorating of Justus' room, and some shopping for new picture frames. It's a beautiful day. Glory has 2 weeks left of kinderfarten and then it's SUMMER. ZOO TIME!!!!