Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Thanks.

What a great week. I love this last pic of Jonathan and Granny walking down the hill. Granny had a stroke giving birth to her last child and her left side is totally numb but that doesn't slow her down. She'always in the kitchen cooking or cleaning and she enjoyed going to the park with the kids and I. At lunch we went around the table and told all the things we're most thankful for. There's so much....
little pudgy fingers that grab my hair, 4 feet padding into our room every morning, "Momma, we're hungry.", morning coffee, freedom to worship God without fear, our health, Jonathan's job, Christmas trees, clean laundry, clean water, tall mountains, sand between my toes, a strong marriage, giggling girls at bedtime, our van, a family that loves and cares for us, Blue Bell icecream, true friends, more true friends, shoes that fit, our home, blankets to keep our children warm at night, presents under a tree, my job, hot chocalate, 3 healthy pregnancies and 3 healthy babies, a husband that adores us, a good rainstorm, getting my hair washed at the hair shop, oatmeal, Grace's brownies, a good book, people that serve our country, razors(it would be terrible to never shave your legs!), grandparents, good debates, a good argument with Jonathan ( I usually win!), making up after a good argument, leaves falling from a tree, a cold Coke, bedtime prayers, baby bottoms, Grace doing my hair, cozy pajamas, full stockings on Christmas morning, Easter Sunday, food in the pantry, raspberries and GrapeNuts, my little sister, chasing the girls, talking long-distance to family, I Love Lucy, kids' questions about God, faith, hope and love....and the greatest of these is love.

Madera Canyon

Today, after our meal, we headed south to Madera Canyon, a scenic mountainous area 30 minutes from our home. We had our good shoes on so we could do a little hiking, which turned into running down the hill with Glory winning every time! That pistachio pudding must have weighting me down! It was really fun til Glory fell and scraped up her palms a little. I felt sorry for her and volunteered to carry her all the way back up the hill. That was a workout.Not sure it's one I'll repeat.


Glory and Grace doing the doll's hair

Beautiful Granny taking a break between the Thanksgiving food preparations.

What's going on, Dad?

Grace is 4!!!

It's been 4 years since our Grace Rebekah entered the Drolet world and 4 wonderful years at that! Grace's birthday fell on a Tuesday and after gymnastics, she wanted Carl's Jr. for dinner, so we went there with Finley and "Miss Cami" and Cami brought cupcakes and Tinkerbell crowns, We all had fun. The following Sunday afernoon we had her birthday party at the park and it was perfect. A friend from church, Tara, made this beautiful cake and the weather was gorgeous. Grace wore her Tinkerbell costume and had fun with her friends.
This second pic is of Granny feeding one of the guests! We got a kick out of that! It was really neat having Jonathan's mom and grandmother here for the celebration.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Post with No Pics...Yes, for now!

So, I have really missed blogging. I'm going to get back in my routine soon. This weekend Jonathan and I spent some time getting pictures and such hung up on walls. The guest room is totally ready! Our first houseguests come next Saturday, Mom and Granny!
Grace, aka Tinkerbell, turns 4 on Tuesday. What memories! That girl gave me my first stretch marks and a grey hair by my belly button. She's already made her mark and we love her to pieces.
Tomorrow we have 2 b-day parties to attend for the kid's friends. But one is for triplets. So we had fun shopping last week!! Four presents in one day!
I cannot wait for Christmas. I wanted to set up the tree today but I thought that might be a bit too excessive! Maybe tomorrow? I love Christmas trees. and glitter, and gold sparklythings on top of big presents.
Yesterday Grace and I baked some oatmeal chocolate pecan thingies and we almost ate the whole batch ourselves.. I better watch out. Grace is becoming quite thechef in the kitchen. Glory is becoming the artist. She makes pictures of turkeys and barns and little baby Jesus' and then she asks me to mail these pictures to Jonathan's boss at EcoLab! Random!!
Justus ALMOST rolled all the way over today. Anytime now.
OK, I'm going to bed now before Piglet Boy is ready to eat...AGAIN!
Oh, you absolutely HAVE to go get Blue Bell's new flavor....Snickerdoodle!It's fabulous! Go now!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shake Your Booty??

So, now whenever Justus is screaming, the girls hover over him and sing to him. They sing, " Shake your booty, shake your booty! Justus, little baby, shake, shake your booty." It actually helps. Whatever works! Had to mention it! Whenever YOU feel like screaming or having a conniption fit, just do the booty dance. Someone at the Drolet house will probably be doing it too!


In early August, we went to a wonderful restaurant with Dad and Christine and I totally forgot to post those pics. It had a beautiful view of the mountains and great food. This top pic is of Kylie and the girls. Kylie moved with her dad and brothers to California and we miss her alot. We're going to get her address so we can be pen pals. My mom took this pic on one of the nature trails by our house.

Lovin' on bubba!

Grandaddy Drolet

Gran and Glory! Look at those smiles!

Gymnastics....or Golf??

Grace and Glory are currently taking gymnastics classes every Tuesday at 4. Grace loves it! Glory, not so much. She has since informed me that she wants to play golf! I figure kids can try a little of everything until they find their niche, so we're looking at a golf class here in the neighborhood for kids! My Uncle Don would be proud!
Anyway, we'll see!

All in a Nutshell!!!!

Oh, my word!!! So much has happened since last posting, my head is spinning!!! I'm gonna write write write and get it all out of my system. It relieves stress and heaven knows I could use that right now!!!

We moved Saturday before last into our beautiful clean new home owned by our France-moving friends. We are renting it while they're gone and it will be well lived in!!! And appreciated ! It's perfect for us and now we have a guest room with a queen size bed. Our new tempurpedic mattress should be here any day. Yes, we did need that!

I never WANT to move again in my life, but since that may not be practical, Lord, just let it be far, far down the road. It's awful and I don't use that word often! Awful awful, awful!

But at least everyone has clean underwear and socks...let's rephrase that...underwear and socks!

Jonathan is kickin tail with EcoLab. He likes his job and he's working long days to learn everything he needs to. It's pretty demanding right now and we're very thankful for this new opportunity for him!

Pamela, my sister, is now engaged to Mr. Eric Brown. I'd like to congratulate them! I'm very excited for them both. Pamela and Eric will most likely get married in Houston around mid-June!! Still waiting on a picture of the ring to post!!!!! Eric lives and works in Austin to give you some background! He enjoys basketball and board games. And he inspired Pamela to pay off her car! I love that! Which she did! Pamela is going to be a beautiful bride and I CANNOT wait to go dress shopping!

Halloween was awesome! I'm eating candy right now! That darn candy!!! The Ariel bride, Tinkerbell and Pumpkin Boy all had fun! Hmmm, what to be next year?? Oh, and we went to see High School Musical on Ice a couple weeks ago when my mom was in town! It was really fun!

Congratulations to Barack Obama, our new president-elect! Our prayers and taxes are with you! Please lower them! I thought his acceptance speech was very good!

OK, my hands are tired of typing! I'll put some pics up now! Grace will be 4 on the 18th of this month!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Still Here!

Thanks to my friend, Wendy, I am reminded that there are friends who check our blog alot and I haven't posted in nearly a month. We just moved and are still! You know how that goes and Jonathan's working away with EcoLab and working some really long days. So we've been too busy. However, asap I will have some great pics. And some exciting news about my sister!!!!!! Yes, you can guess. Oh, and we're a van family now! HA! Never thought I'd say that! So, we love you and we'll get all the updates on here soon!