Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's New

Well, let's just mention what's NOT new first and that is I cannot stop craving brownies. I want to make a batch right now and my jeans are already getting snug. AARRGGHHH!!! I must resist...
Today I went ahead and paid the big bucks for Justus to get aquatic survival lessons starting October 5. WHat this means is that after 6 weeks of DAILY, Monday to Friday lessons, our 14 month old will know how to swim, really swim!!! And let's say he fell in a pool, he'll know how to turn over and float on his back until he's rescued. This is invaluable training, we think, especially since we love to swim and have 2 eyes and 3 kids. Slightly outnumbered!!
We did, however, have to put this in our spending plan. Last week, we started our Crown Financial Bible Study, which teaches people how to live debt-free and invest wisely and so we're starting with getting on a good budget and following it VERY closely. Even though we've reached alot of goals in the past,we're learning that everything we have is God's and should be used to honor Him. Usually Jonathan does all our finances, but I'm gonna step in and get knowledgeable now and learn more about stocks and investments too. We also got a great book to do with the kids about money management. It teaches Bible stories about generosity and saving. I'm really excited about it. I really like the study. We memorize a verse each week and we enjoy our friends in the group.
Another new thing is that on October 9, we are going to Phoenix for my Lasik eye surgery. Thanks to my mom and dad, who are treating me to my new eyes!!! I'm slightly nervous but mostly excited!!! Jonathan had his in august so now, I'm gonna do it. I'm legally blind without my contacts so this will be a great thing, Not to mention, the girls LOVE going to hotels and sleeping in the big beds so they will have alot of fun!
Love to all! Bye now...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Brownie Dough and other Things

We had the awesome privilege of Jonathan's mom living with us for about 5 weeks while she found a place to live here in AZ. She did end up finding a great fully furnished home about 6 minutes away and it's a perfect place for her. We had a great time with her here and we still see each other alot. She goes to Common Ground Church with us and she is in our Thursday night small group. The top pics explain themselves. Brownie making is a huge deal at our house. Happens almost once a week. Who can resist licking the bowl? Not our girls!!!

Waiting for Manna

I love this one of Justus looking up. It's like he's waiting for more goldfish to fall from the sky. He loves to eat and goldfish is a family favorite!

Naked Baby!!!!

Aren't I supposed to be wearing this??

Date Night!

On Saturday night, Jonathan and I went out for dinner to celebrate our friend, Danielle's birthday. We had a a great time with some great friends and here is a pic of Jonathan and Randy Dominguez. Randy works with Jonathan and BJ's restaurant, where we ate, is one of Jonathan's accounts. Subsequently, the manager was on that night and gave both tables all free desserts! Awesome and delicious!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Laughable Quotes.

Grace: " How can God be in everyone if he's only one person. That's too much work."
Grace: " When I start kindergarten, I'm gonna learn how babies get here cause we need to make a girl." (insert my face laughing hysterically)
Glory: " Grace, if Mom is busy, just listen to me cause I have mom's powers sometimes."
Glory: I think there's a baby in your tummy, Mom. It looks kind of squishy." ( look of horror on my face) I've been working out, Why is it still squishy??
Grace: "Come here, Justus, I will hold you but my boobies are out of milk so we'll have lemonade, ok"?
Grace: " Why do I have to wear panties EVERY day? They go in my bottom and I don't like that. When I'm a mom, my 'cheedren' are NOT gonna wear them."
Glory: I pray to God alot and he tells me that we should have cookies and tasty treats every day after school. He also says that we don't have to do our homework right away."
Mom:" What else does he tell you, Glory?
Glory:" That we don't need to go to school. The zoo is just fine... and Panda Express."

Here's some laughs for your day. These are all from the past couple weeks.

September Days

Glory's favorite breakfast in peanut butter toast with honey. Here she is before school Tuesday AM enjoying it.
Don't know if I ever mentioned how much I love our new van but I LOVE our new van. It's almost been a year since we got it but I still get happy when I look at it.

Glory "posing."

Our friend Ariana and Grace at the splash pad. BFF!

The fam(Justus was already in bed).

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Bloggers Are Back!

Yes, well, it's been 4 months since our last blog and we hope that doesn't happen again. We're glad to be back! I lost our camera and figured there's no point in blogging without pictures! New camera, new blogs, baby....
Here's a few new updates that have happen
ed recently:
Glory began 1st grade August 4 and loves it!
Grace is in pre-K at a nearby Lutheran school and loves it! She starts kinder next fall.
Justus is almost 14 months and is a wildthing! Walking everywhere, hitting everything, touching everything and eating everything. He's loud and he hates his carseat after 10 minutes. He loves to be held, to swim and to be taken care of by his two big sisters. He's crazy about pinto beans and green beans.
Jonathan is staying busy with his job and enjoying it. His one year anniversary with Ecolab is September 13 and we're so glad he's there. Saturday Grace spent the day with Jonathan running calls and getting spoiled by all the little ladies at the restaurants Jonathan had to go to. We all met up for dinner that night where I locked my keys in the van. :-) Second time!
We've been enjoying having Jonathan's mom here. She begins her new job tomorrow and she is an official Arizonan! We're happy to have her with us. More later!