Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Addy!!!! ....and Other Things

Jonathan put in a second shelf in the girl's closet so each girl can have their own section for clothes. We decided to hang everything so we can see it better and the girls are starting to hang their own dresses and such. They do a pretty good job!
We noticed that Grace has ALOT more clothes than Glory. That's partly because Glory wears a uniform to school and partly because Grace has all Glory's clothes that she outgrew!
Here is the infamous Addy! Oh, how she is loved! I think I play with her as much as Grace does!

Bedtime with Addy and Grace!
On other news, we went to the doctor yesterday because Justus was running a fever through the night and Glory had a bad cough. I'm glad we went but he wasn't concerned. Justus' lungs were clear, his ears looked good and Glory looked fine too. So we're just doing lots of hot tea and chicken noodle soup, aka chickie-noo-noo.
While at the doctor , a tall woman with long blonde hair walked in, and Grace loudly commented," Hey, look at that pretty momma with the wig!"
Thankfully, Pretty Momma had a great sense of humor and told Grace that, no, it was not a wig and that she looked pretty as well. We also got a compliment on how well behaved our children were from another lady. I was proud!! We went and got icecream, I was so proud!
All is well here. Pretty weather, outside alot, Justus weighs in at 20 lbs and 4 oz. Big Boy!
Watching American Idol tonight and eating chili and baked potatoes.
Love to all!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Memories From November 2008!

Glory was dressing up in Karsan's cheer outfit. She's our babysitter.
Not sure what Grace is doing here, but I thought it was funny!

Jonathan's Granny right before she left to head back to OK after Thanksgiving.

This is Randy Dominguez. He works at EcoLab with Jonathan and helped him get his job there. He and his wife, Karina, our good friends of ours and they adore Justus and hold him whenever they see him coming!

Trains galore! This is the hot spot at our place right now! Today our friend Austin is coming over to play and the kids will probably all be in the game room with the train set!

See What's Growing!

Justus is sitting up now! He's pretty proud of himself for it too!

He loves garden vegetables baby food.Gone are the days of pleasant diaper changes!!

I love this picture. He's sitting in the big chair in his room where he nurses at night before going to sleep.

The girls started a garden right after Christmas with Nonny's help. We already have lots of little shoots. We're growing peas, brussels sprouts, carrots and okra. Glory is most excited about the okra because she loves it fried. I like it boiled with tomatoes also. As soon as the weather is a bit warmer and the seedlings are bigger, we'll transfer them to the backyard for their big debut!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Girls Slumber Party!

Last Saturday we had the privilege of our good friend, Finley, coming over for a slumber party. We watched movies and ate cookies. Girls are so fun....and they stayed up chatting until 11:30!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


While my parents were here, we had the privilege of going to Nogales, AZ the town that borders Mexico. We actually got to see over the border and watch people coming through with their papers. My mom actually lived there when she was a teenager and this is her old high school with her in front of it. That was neat! We also went to a little restaurant where she used to eat as a little girl. That was really cool! I love old stuff like that! No, Mom, you're not old! But that was pretty nostalgic!

Glory practing for her American Idol debut at the restaurant!

A boy and his Nonny! He's looking at Tata's enchiladas!

I loved this pic of my dad! Good smile!

More on Mt. Lemmon

So, in this top picture, on the left, dangling from my neck, is my Christmas present from Jonathan. Yes, he did!! A diamond necklace. I like it alot! He did good!

We went to Mt. Lemmon on New Year's Day and it was a blast. I still think it's amazing that just 2 hours away, we can find a mountain covered with snow and then where we live, it's like 70 degrees! The best of both worlds! Jonathan bought this little plastic sled and we all took turns on it. Pamela ran into a log on it and we all laughed. My dad almost hit a tree and Jonathan almost capsized with Justus!

This snow is pretty relaxing, don't you think?

Poppy, watch out for that tree!

Nothing like falling asleep after milk on a mountain!

The whole gang with future Uncle Eric!

Let's go, girl!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Justus' Six-Month Mark!

Little J-Man is six months today. Wow! Six months ago, we were in the hospital with family and food holding that little burrito and I was being pampered like a princess. Today, I'm sitting at the computer with PB and J, and several loads of laundry to fold. The pampering is over but the Prince is here and it's all worth it! Justus' life verse, which he was given on the day we got him dedicated is Philippians 3:14 " I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."
Kind of wordy, but in April terminology, that says to me, " Run your race well, run it for God's eyes, and run your own race, not anyone else's.
So today, let us all do what we were made to do, do it with excellence and do it for God.
Happy 6 Month's, Justus! Momma loves you!

Three and We'll See? or Three and Let it Be?

This was a week where I thought three beautiful, precious, adorable children is enough. Last week I thought four was do-able. Is that a word? We go back and forth. I guess that's pretty normal. But this week I was pretty set in my mind that three is good. Between Glory's homework,LAUNDRY and more LAUNDRY, Justus' night-time feedings, which are getting longer, and Grace's abounding energy, I feel on overload sometimes. But there are those moments when all is well and peace like a river attends my soul and at that moment, Jonathan and I laugh and look at each other and say, " Don't get too comfortable. This won't last long." I will say that it is good to take each moment at a time and not sweat the small stuff, like Grace wearing black panty hose with tennis shoes and a pink striped skirt with an orange and grey polka dotted sweater! Yes,we let her go out like that, on rare occasions. One must choose their battles!

We've had a great Christmas break. We went sledding on Mt. Lemmon. Loved it, loved it!

Jonathan's been working some long hours since his teammate is out on medical leave, but we've been ok.

Justus is 6 months today.

I started back on my anti-depressants last week. This isn't a bad thing at all, I just wasn't feeling my April-self and I'm glad we're doing what we can to be as normal as possible! I'm on the lowest dose and with that and some really great vitamins, I'm already feeling better.

Here's some pictures of our time with family. Eric and Pamela had a great visit. The girls really adore him. We miss them already. Very excited about the wedding day on June 28th~