Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Field Trip Day! and other things

Today Glory's going on a school field trip to a pumpkin patch. She was out of bed in a flash when we reminder her of it! She had her little princess light-up cowgirl boots on and a spider ring! What a match! A few weeks ago I planned to go along and take Grace and Justus but Glory informed me that, " I'm a big girl now and it's better that I go alone, but can I please take a Luncheable?" So I decided not to make a huge deal of it, but gosh darnit, I WILL be at the Thanksgiving feast no matter what she says! :)
Dancing in the living room!!!
A dad and his boy!!!!!

Tea Party Girl

Grace and Glory and I have become quite the tea ladies. We now have a little collection of baby teacups from all around the world. This one is Wedgewood from England and it's Grace's favorite! Originally she wanted to have a tea party for her 4th birthday but now she's set on a party in the park so she can play on the monkey bars! Notice the Ecolab letters on the first picture on her left-hand side!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Missed Pics!

On the next two blogs, I misses some pics so here they are and here's Grace's photography of me which she insisted be "put on da bwog."
My exciting news of the day is that my vacuum went kapoot, so I got on Craigslist and found an old Grandpa Hoover. Owner asked $20, I got him down to $15 and asked for all his vacuum bags to be thrown in as well. He accepted, so I have a vacuum that's about as ugly as a hippo's behind but it picks up, girls, it picks up!!! :)


Kylie lives with her dad and three brothers and we meet her at the park occasionally. She's so adorable. We lost touch with her for a couple months and found her again today. I got permission from her dad for her to come over for the afternoon and here she is. We had lunch and made chocolate chip cookies! Maybe her dad will let her spend the night this weekend!!!

Mr. Ecolab and Mr.Bubbles!

Here's Jonathan after a day's work as Mr. Ecolab, my new name for him. He sort of looks like an astronaut with the American flag on his shoulder and hiw cute navy pants! This is his work van which is a temporary part of our front yard now! He loves his job and is taking in all the information. It's alot to learn! Last week he went to do some repairs at several restaurants and they gave him free food! Wish I'd been along!!!! He leaves out to Chicago next Sunday for some more training and my mom will come while he's away. That'll be awesome!

Next is Mr. Bubbles. Justus LOVES his bathtime and has stayed in there for up to 20 minutes, just smiling away and occasionally peeing in the fresh water, after which we have to start all over again!

Aunt Pat!!!

So, Jonathan's Aunt Pat came through for the weekend and we enjoyed having her. We got to show her our new house that we'll be moving into very shortly and take her to church. The girls and Justus enjoyed her visit and we hope she can come again soon! She took this family pic of us!

Love you, Aunt Pat!