Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Oreo

Jonathan Edward, did you just give him a cookie....April speaking in a shrill, can't-believe-you-did-that voice .

Our friend, Will.

Ariana, Will's daughter, pushing Justus.

Grace and Ariana at our Compassion International Fundraiser held on Sunday, March 29. Glory and Grace raised app. $75 for Compassion's Global Food Campaign by inviting their friends and having snacks and drinks at the park. They were going to put on a concert but they got a little shy. At one point, Ariana started singing Jingle Bells....so whatever. We all had fun!

Found the Camera!

Glory's into hair these days. No matter how funky it looks to me, she thinks it's gorgeous!

I just wanna eat this little pretend dog all up with my sharp little eight teeth!Aaaarrgghh!

Grace-all into shoes and ties.

Note to Self

So, I've seen this on several blogs. Here goes. What would you say to yourself if you were talking to you when you were a teenager, like 17 or so? I'll start....

Dear April,
I know things are a bit crazy right now, working at Chick-Fil-A while your friends are out. It's alright. You're learning about a good work ethic.
Keep working with kids. You're gonna have 3 of the greatest ones before you turn 29 and you'll need all the experience you can get.
Don't get discouraged when you try all the right things and they never seem to work. They will when it matters most.
In a few years, your daughter will be there when you're given extra change at the grocery. Take it back, even if you have to unload the baby in the wind. She's watching...
Love all the people you can't stand. Just don't hang around them too much. Bad company corrupts good morals.
Don't judge people who have mental issues. You're going to be taking Zoloft in a few years and yes, you're still gonna be a great mom.
It's OK to get mad. You try so hard to be perfect but let it go. You're human. A punching bag might help.
I know you've never had a boyfriend yet, but don't worry. He's coming and he's a keeper.
Remember patience. It's so hard but it really is a virtue.
Quit beating yourself up when you eat the chocolate. All those models in the magazines have fake boobs and airbrushed legs anyway. Plus, you look beautiful just the way you are.
Stand your ground, you're right more often than not. When you're wrong, though, admit it. It's a sign of character.
Do the hard things first. That way, you'll have a great feeling of accomplishment.
Shit's just another word for poop, so if you really need to express yourself, that one's probably the best option.
You can't be friends with everyone so stick to your bosom buddies and let them be like family. Don't feel bad if you can't please everyone. You never will anyway, so let it go. Your true friends will call you back and read your goofy blog. You don't have to be the initiator all the time.
Listen to your Tata, he's a wise man, hug Meme, call Tahna. Sit back and remember your Nana. Go on all the mission trips that you can so you can see just how big the world is and how many people need God's love.
Don't worry about money. You'll have everything you need and then some. Give whenever you can. It will never leave you feeling empty.
Catch your zzzzz's. You'll need your rest. You're gonna be a mom some day and you need your energy. You might be raising the next President or Billy Graham or Shirley Temple!
Love isn't a feeling;it's an action and it's not always easy.
You're doing fine, just fine. Yes, the chocolate's for you. It's dark because I knew that was your favorite.

April in 11 years

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, I can't find our camera....anywhere! So I'm all in a tizzy because I like to blog with that thing! It'll come up somewhere!
We have been ultra-busy. With a capital U!
Justus has 8 teeth and sometimes he bites! No, no...little muffin cup!
We're leaving for LegoLand in SanDiego next Friday, April 3rd for a much needed family getaway. We'll go to the beach and just hang out. I'm so excited! WE haven't booked everything yet but I found a hotel with a full kitchen so we can cook dinner and breakfast!
Jerry and Christine arrive mid-April for a visit. We're pumped. We'll have alot of fun.
Pamela's wedding is coming so we're very excited about that. We just for the girl's flower girl dresses in and Jonathan bought his FIRST suit last Saturday. He looks so handome in it!
Glory won STUDENT of the month last month at her school and we were SOOOOO proud!
Grace is crafting it up at our house. ALways cutting and glueing and drawing and decorating!
Pretty tired alot. Went to the doc to get some blood work to make sure all is well. She just said it's 3 kids, working nights, and breastfeeding Mr. Chow-hound.So no thyroid problems or anything. I'm taking some mega vitamins and I do feel better.
Love you all. As soon as I find that camera, I'll post some pics.