Sunday, June 29, 2008

Glory and Karsan!

Glory and Karsan on her 5th birthday at the park!! I got it all on video but haven't learned how to post video.It'll happen soon! We had a great time, though!

Baby Shower!!!!

My nursing friends at St. Joseph's Hospital threw me an awesome baby shower on Friday night at work at 10 pm. We had tons of fun and good eats and they all surprised me with my new Joovy sit and stand double stroller, in orange, my current fave color!!!! I was so surprised and shocked, I just stood there and laughed. I'll have to post a pic of the stroller with the kiddos in it, baby and all!
My good friend Kim and her daughter Karsan are in the top left pic. Kim and I work and carpool together and her daughter sometimes babysits and the girls adore her. She's the best 13-year old I've ever met and I hope we can have her come alot when the baby arrives.
Today I have another baby shower with neighborhood and church friends and family. I am so excited about it!!!!
Love to all!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Recent Happenings Here!

I have officially reached the nesting phase of pregnancy. I can't stop cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering. Today I made the crib ready for baby, ironed his curtains and dust ruffles and imagined him sleeping on his little blue cotton sheets with his letters above his bed.
The doctor says he is not looking big and there is no need to induce in the near future. She thinks he'll be smaller than the girls. We'll see. We are 1 cm dilated but no signs of impending birth. I'm feeling uncomfortable but not too terribly. Still working and feeling like that's ok for now. My nurses on the unit take excellent care of me and don't let me work too much. I really appreciate them. Jonathan still doesn't want me to do much either. I hope I don't get used to this pampering thing because it's gonna be over real soon!
Little Glory turned 5 this past Wednesday and had a wonderful birthday party. I got it on video but not pics so I'll learn how to put video on asap with Jonathan's help.
She also had her 5 year old check-up today and got 4 shots to get ready for kindergarten. She did so awesome, no crying or even a whimper. She's a trooper.
I noticed an amazing generosity about her yesterday. I found her wrapping up her birthday presents from her party so I asked her what she was doing. She said she wanted to give some of her gifts to her friends who aren't having a birthday yet. Where do you draw the line on generosity? We'll see what takes place with that. She's a wonderful gift wrapper, I'll say that much!
All is well here. We're swimming most every day and the girls are learning how to load the dishwasher and hang up pants on hangers.
We plan to stay here in our current rent home if the landlord agrees to change the carpet. It would be so nice not to have to pack up and move right now so I'm praying this all works out.
I got a bit anxious this week about having a third child. Wondering how the whole sleepless night things will work sent me over the top, I think. Be anxious for nothing, I kept telling myself. God is not silent. He listens and he replies. He knows my name and we will be taken care of.
Those of you with 3 already will give me much needed advice and I'll pass it on to my dear friends when they have more children too!!!
I had a dream last night that we went out to eat and this old man came up to us and said he had a brand new Toyota Sequoia that he felt like he was wanting to give to a family but he didn't know who. Would we like it?? He**, yeah, we would!!!!
. We went out with him to the parking lot and it was red with tan leather interior, the exact car I've wanted for 5 years!!!! Wouldn't that be crazy? OK, well I'm allowed to dream, aren't I?
To all a good night and if you're going to dream, DREAM BIG!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


We love summertime! This week has been really fun. Today we are 35 weeks. The pregnancy is going very fast now and we are way too excited for words!
Glory and Grace have been going to a local Vacation Bible School this week and really enjoying it.
We've been going to the splash pad and pool alot too and loving the warm sun and cool water. Sunscreen has been our friend along with a cold can of Sprite!!!!
Next Wednesday Glory Sierra will be 5 years old and we are having her High School Musical birthday party at the neighborhood park that night, complete with High School Musical music, cake and icecream, a pinata and really cool party favors!
Glory really wants a chameleon for her present but I hope a drop of cash into the college fund will suffice! Ha, ha!!!!!!! I told her when she cleans up after herself without me having to ask, maybe she'll be ready for a pet!
Today is my mom's 29th birthday!!!! I'm so proud of her for maintaining that age for so long!
She's so beautiful. Mom, have a wonderful birthday!
Jonathan's busy at Chick-Fil-A today, hopefully he'll bring some goodies home!

Psalm 103

Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

-Psalm 103:1-5-

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Houston, We Love You!

We had a great and relaxing vacation in Houston last week and my mom threw a fabulous bar-b-q for all our Houston friends and family. Many of you came and it was very special to see you all. Thank you, Mom, for doing that and thank you to all of you who came and took time out of your week to say hello. It was a great memory. Thanks to Dad and Christine for your hospitality as we stayed in your home and ate your food and swam in your pool! We enjoyed it all!
We are now back and getting back in our routine, except for my ironing pile which was a mile high until I tackled it all this morning!
The picture above is of Grace and her friend Abilene, holding a large toad!!! The girls just love frogs and amphibeans of any nature. Sounds like we might need one for a pet!
To the left is Grace holing my friend, Shauna's baby, little Faith, who is 5 months old and it was Grace's second time to hold a newborn! She loved it!
One thing I learned from this vacation is that I absolutely can't stand when the good times have to end! Vacations are relaxing and rejuvenating and I wish we were still on ours. However, it's nice to end one thing and plan another to look forward to! Now, I'm looking forward to the birth of our son next month. No vacation, but close enough!!!!!
Then, what will we plan?? Maybe San Diego in September?? Who wants to come??
Love to all!

33 Week Pic and More

Hey, so I keep forgetting to turn some of my pics, but we're almost to 34 weeks...tomorrow actually!
Yesterday, the girls and J made me a beatiful birthday cake and this is my first full day of being 28! It feels great so far!
Today, Glory and I made letters out of pistachio kernels and here's one result. We also watched The Sound of Music which we all love.
This week our church has been hosting a youth worship camp for teens from our church in Houston. It's been going great and we have enjoyed seeing some of the youth from our old church!
More pics to come. We're off to the park!