Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tagged by Jennifer

Well, I just noticed I was tagged by my friend, Jenn, for this next blog, so here goes!

What I was Doing ten Years Ago?
Preparing to graduate high school, working at Chick-Fil-A and leading the youth worship team.

Five Things on My To-Do List For Today?
What To-Do List?....I have to-do list that says I need to make a to-do list :)

Five Snacks I Enjoy?
Chips and salsa
milk and graham crackers
cheese sticks
apples and almond butter
dried cherries

Five Things I Would do Were I a Billionnaire?
Buy 5 houses in cash, one for us, one for my sister, one for my parents and two for single moms.
Take a stinkin' awesome vacation with our whole extended family and pay everyone's way.
Adopt a black boy with curly hair from Rwanda and a little girl from China, debt-free of course.
Find 5 couples who want to adopt and make it possible for them.
Take our whole family to Indonesia to visit Selvy, the little girl we sponsor through Compassion International.

Five Bad Habits?
Not being consistent with training our girls.
Waiting too long to eat and then eating like 99 Chips Ahoy.
Assuming that Jonathan knows what I mean.
Not journaling frequently enough, procrastination, basically.
Not following through on a good intention.

Five Places I've Lived.... mom's womb
North Carolina
...who knows what next?

Five Jobs I've Had?
house cleaner
gymnastics instructor
registered nurse, my current profession.

I tag Brittany and Lauren.

Girl's First Slumber Party!

This weekend, our friends, Austin and Cami, went to Phoenix and we had the privilege of keeping their daughter, Finley, overnight. We all went out for great Mexican food and got lots of looks. Looks that seemed to say,"My word, they have three girls and another one on the way? What are they thinking?" Our table was a bit comical, I thought myself. Rice falling everywhere, queso all over shirts, and then the funny story of the evening. Right as the hot enchiladas arrive, we all have to use the ladies room. So, I lead the three girls straight into the men's restroom, not realizing what I'm doing until I see a side shot of a man using the urinal. Oh my word, what have I done, I'm thinking? Meanwhile, the girls have already rushed ahead of me into the stall sections. So I creep behind this sectional by the door so this man won't see me and call for the girls to get out of the bathroom. But, they call back, "But we haven't gone potty yet." This conversation repeats itself several times with no change in answers. Desperate, I run back to our table which is very nearby and tell Jonathan to rescue the girls in the men's restroom. As soon as he gets there, Grace has already come out of the restroom screaming that there's a " man in there." The man is right behind her, explaining to Jonathan what he thinks happened. He has no idea that "prego-brain" had everything to do with the embarassing scenario. So Grace screams for a while and then we enjoy our enchiladas and I wish I could have a margarita to ease the tension!

Today, I took the girls garage-saling and then to the Tuscon Chalk Art Festival, where local artists display their chalk art all over the concrete. It was fun. We all had a great time and the temp got up to 94. We made sure to wear sunscreen and we packed a picnic lunch which was nice. I got a little taste of what it would be like to have three girls and it wasn't bad at all. Only extremely dramatic! But I sure am thankful we're having a boy. Now I won't be the only one with bathroom duty!!!!!!

The Shadow of The Almighty

This is the name of the book I'm currently reading. It is the story and biography of Jim Elliot, missionary and martyr to the Auca Indians of Ecuador and written by his widowed wife and mother of their infant daughter. Amazing book I'd recommend to anyone wanting to live with purpose and hold life on this earth loosely.
One quote from him I'd like to share was written to his 15-year old sister in spring of 1948.

It reads," Fix your eyes on the rising Morning Star. Don't be disappointed at anything or over-elated either. Live every day as if the Son of Man were at your door....Walk as if your next step would carry you across the threshold of Heaven. Pray. The saint who advances on his knees never retreats."

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Feeling Large?!

So, today I'm officially feeling large. Maybe one reason is because Blue Bell has this amazing new flavor that you all have to try! It's called Centennial Cupcake with little green shamrocks on the tub and four little 4-H kids with green shirts. OK, this is like the best icecream on the planet currently. Go get it now!!!!!I just had one little cup and now I need to lock the freezer!
The second reason the largeness may be occuring is because Tums are my best friend as my stomach always seems to be in my neck. I don't remember this feeling with the girls.
This little guy is always kicking me in my right side towards my back, making me feel like some worm-like tumor is trying to get out! I just don't know where the rest of him is going to go. I can hardly see my toes, which is probably ok, since I desperately need to paint them!
We are 25 weeks now! This week I've been craving cherry jello and apples. And that darn icecream!
Jonathan's at work tonight. I really miss him. I haven't seen him all day because I went to sleep as soon as I got home from work this am and then he left at noon.
Something funny happened at work last night. Since the belly is great with child, I wear my scrub pants below my belly and then tie the drawstrings. Well, as I was walking towards a patients' room at 3 am, I felt a bit of a cold draft on my right thigh. Apparently. the drawstring wasn't feeling like sticking with me and my blue scrub pants were FALLING OFF!!!!! Thankfully, no one was in the hall and I was wearing semi-cute undies. Moral to the story....always have your best undies on. Clean, not stretched out, and preferably with some cute polka dots.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boston With The Beneshes!

Boston was so great! My friends, Lauren and Nathan Benesh, live there while Nathan is comleting his PhD in geophysics. They live in a beautiful, cozy house on the second floor with wood floors that's around 100 years old.

We went to this beautiful cemetery where Benjamin Franklin's parents are buried, along with Paul Revere, John Hancock, "Mother Goose", and the victims of the British Massacre.

At night, Nathan beat Lauren and I at Scrabble, we made homemade lemon buttermilk icecream, and I did alot of visiting with little Noah Thomas Benesh who is already 3 months old and a very happy boy who I adore.

We went to a gourmet chocolate shop where one could easily spend alot and gain the same amount in pounds!!! But I just purchased 3 little dark chocolates that were DELICIOUS!!!!We saw Harvard Square and University in all it's glory and smartness, if that's a word!

We ate great Italian food on Saturday night, thanks again for that, guys! And Lauren and I had fun just hanging out together and doing lots of walking and sight-seeing!

Lauren purchased Baby Drolet's very first gift at a nice maternity boutique. She got me personally fitted for a HotSling, a great way to carry the baby totally hands-free and be stylish at the same time!!!I love it! Thanks, Lauren!!!!

I had so much fun!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seven Things About Me!!!

Well, Lauren did this a while back and I thought I'd follow along....after all, she taught me how to blog!

These are 7 things you may not know about me, the first 4 following her lead, the last 3 totally random. If you are a fellow blogger and have time, please let me learn 7 things about you.

Important Things I've Learned from Friends!
Lauren-You can never spend too much on a friend(she just mailed me my fave dried cherries!)
Jonathan-Don't Sweat The Small Stuff
Cami-Proper Home Decor Can Make Any House Look Gorgeous!!!
Emily-Keep Up With Your Friends and know what they like!
Erin-Use your talents to make gifts!
Rene-Forget about the house-have fun with your kids!(She has 8!)
Pamela-Quality time!
Jennifer-Be the first to apologize.

Fave TV Shows-
I just have one and It's American Idol (I think Christie will get voted off tonight)

Latest iTunes Purchase-
I've never had one. I dont have an iPod but I would like one.

Foods I Don't Like-
Tofu, curry, red wine

I prefer almond or cashew butter to peanut butter by far.

I love it when the girls play with my hair. It makes me feel relaxed.

I treat myself with Diet Cherry Coke only after I've had 6 glasses of water. I really like Diet Coke now.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just Catching Up!

So, it's been a long time since we all caught up!

All is good here at the Drolet's! Jonathan was in his first drama last Sunday and I wish I had videoed it for the blog! He is enjoying the drama team.
And staying rather busy with Chick-Fil-A! He and I are both working with a realtor to find a home to purchase. This is a good time to buy here, although prices are higher than in Houston. We have found a couple foreclosures we love. Please pray that we will get just the right one at the right price. Homebuying is very emotional, or maybe it's just me!

I am starting to really "like" my job now. It took a while to adjust to nights and now I think it's nice. I like the people I work with and REALLY love my sleep by the time I arrive home in the morning! It helps me never to take rest for granted, that's for sure!
Jonathan is flying me out to Boston, MA this Thursday to see my good friend, Lauren, for 4 days! I'm really excited. She'll show me some historical sights and best of all, I'll finally get to see my "nephew", Noah who was born January 9.

We are 24 weeks along now and so excited, I can hardly stand it! The nightime leg cramps have begun so I'm eating lots of bananas and Tums! He kicks alot and lately, I'm still craving milk, milk, milk! And grilled asparagus too, for some reason!

We register Glory for kindergarten tomorrow and are so excited for her, as she is too!
Grace doesn't seem to mind that shes not going, she said she wants to stay home and feed cookies to the baby! My, oh my!

We are officially coming to Houston May 28-June 3. Our tickets are purchased and nothing's holding us back! We are so excited and can't wait to see all of you!