Saturday, December 22, 2007

Snowy Mt. Lemmon

Today, we went to Mt. Lemmon, Tucson's tallest mountain. It was covered with thick snow and we had a blast. We took a picnic lunch which we ate in the truck and then had hot apple cider at this little cute restaurant. We plan to go again was really fun!

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Great Name

Something just came to me....I was looking here at a book we have on the "Drolet"name. It chronicles the start of the name and what occupations most Drolet's held and where they originated from. It's neat..but it got me thinking.

Somewhere in Proverbs it talks about "a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches"
What if the names we trace through history don't really make all the difference because we have the amazing resposiblity and opportunity to "choose " our name?

We choose what we do with our time, what we think on, what we pay for, what we keep, what we give, what we laugh about, what we celebrate, what we treasure, maybe even what we die for.

This makes our name....this goes down in eternity...this leaves a mark on all the future generations...this causes the ripple effect.

Jonathan's Birthday!

Well, my baby turned 32 on Wednesday! We had a great dinner here at home that I made (notice how I'm complimenting my own cooking....well, it makes me feel better)!!I also made him a caramel banana walnut cake that was a huge hit and HOMEMADE dinner rolls and we had Austin and Cami and their little Finley over to celebrate!
We got him a new pair of shoes for the occasion and he said he had a great time!
No pics were taken...we were all too busy talking about how great my cooking was!!! Ha, ha!!!

Christmas Questionnaire

I stole this from Lauren and would like to hear your answers as well, so let me know if you blog on it!!

1. Paper or Bags for present wrapping?
Definitely paper on boxes. I love that traditional look.

2. Real of fake tree?
Fake...those real needles always make my knees itch

3.When to put the tree up?
The day after Thanksgiving

4. When to take it down?
Whenever the food is fully digested, usually 2 weeks after Christmas dinner!!!!!!

5. Egg nog?
Me, absolutely not but Jonathan loves it!

6.Favorite gift I have received?
A leather-bound study Bible with my name engraved on it from my parents. I was 15.

7. Do I have a nativity scene?
I did, but I cannot find it currently. It's from the dollar store and I'm not too fond of it.

8.Who's the hardest to buy for?
Jonathan's brother, Nathan....this year he'll get a gift certificate because I never can figure out what to get him that's personal!

9. The easiest to buy for?
My mom...she'll pretty much like everything1

10. Mail or email Christmas cards?
Never heard of doing the second....definitely mail, although mine may not get out till New Year's!

11. Worst gift I ever received?
A White Elephant one that was a toilet paper roll decorated as a swan!!!!

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? Home Alone, for sure

13. Have I recycled a Christmas gift? Many times, but you will not find out which ones!!

14. Favorite eats at Christmas time?
My mom's pies and her gobble-up salad, which my aunt will be making this year since we'll be doing Christmas with her

15. Clear or colored lights on the tree? I like them both.

16. Favorite Christmas song? O, Come All Ye Faithful and O, Come, O, Come, Emmanuel.

17. Travel or stay home? I like being home, wherever home may be...Arizona, this year!!!

18. Open gifts Christmas Eve or Day?
Definitely DAY!!!!

19. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
Can't thing of anything right now, except the fact that I eat too much

20. Favorite ornament thing or color?
I like all the really old ones that we made as kids and anything sparkly

21. Favorite thing for Christmas dinner?
I love hot green beans almondine and fresh rolls.

22. What do I want for Christmas?
A roth-IRA opened in our name and a new cell phone since mine is a piece.

Friday, December 14, 2007

More Disney Pics

That's a plastic Cinderella Jonathan is kissing, by the way!!!
Grace fell asleep on a bench in a restaurant at Epcot right before the evening fireworks!
And Pinochio gave me a kiss, but we didn't get a picture of that.
Belle was amazinf during Storytime with Belle. She was very original!

Blogging Back to The Greatest Vacation Ever

So, November 9-16th was our vacation of a lifetime! We had been so excited about this trip and we all had a blast. Great weather the whole time, absolutely NO RAIN, the characters were amazing and we got many of their autographs.Very expensive, if you're considering, but we knew that getting into it. We made sandwiches lots of times and that helped. Sunglasses and batteries for the camera were a must and lots of water for all that walking. So fun. Who wants to go with us next time??

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here's The House....Finally!

So, here it is! It's 1600 sq. feet, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath. Small but cozy. Hopefully you can see the mountain view on the street's beautiful in person! That's Jonathan napping on the livingroom floor after a day of unpacking!
Love to all!

Thankful For Glory

Today I found myself so thankful for Glory. In the middle of Wal-Mart, searching frantically for my families' favorite Christmas treats, Glory just begins to dump stocking stuffer after stuffer in my basket. Three little girl toothbrushes, three tubes of Cinderella toothpaste, panties, socks, candy and who knows what else. When I looked at her as if to say, " What are you doing?", she immediately said, " Mom, guess what? We're gonna buy a new stocking and put all little girl things in it and give it to a little girl that's poor." I asked if we could exchange the battery-operated toothbrush for a regular since the little girl's family may not be able to afford batteries, but she just said we'd buy lots of those too. We're now home and she's made a long list of more items to buy for our nameless "stocking child." I'm praying that God will show us just the girl to give this stocking too, because it was created with some amazing love.
Sometimes, I find myself nit-picky about the things my children do wrong or could do better at. Today, I will start improving on that. And my shopping budget went out the window on this Wal-Mart excursion as well, but I'm finding that I'm alright with that. It was WELL, WELL worth it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sorry So Long!

Hi All!
We are here! In Arizona! We arrived late Friday, December 1 and it was an unusually rainy and cold weekend for Tucson. We are getting settled and have a beautiful view of the mountains from our front door.
I'm working on house pictures and will get those out soon!
The girls are adjusting very well and love their new home and friends. However, they do ask about their Houston friends and family often and that's good.
For those who may not know, we are expecting a third addition on July 18 and we're currently 8 weeks pregnant. I'm tired all the time but not too sick and that's something to be thankful for.
We are looking forward to this new baby and I'm reading all the advice I can get my hands on about how to manage three children when I only have two hands. A bit nervous about that, but we'll figure it out, I'm sure!
We are jumping in here at CommonGround Church to serve and help it grow. We love the people there. They are very nice and generous with their time.
I was able to attend band practice yesterday here and realized how much I had missed that. We had a great time.
The neighborhood just had a new grocery store open called Fry's and my first visit there was really fun. The girls and I tried all the samples!!
I am getting so excited about Christmas! We need to shop some more, me and Jonathan, for some more family members and I'm really excited about getting all the presents wrapped and "bowed!" I just love Christmas! I think I'll make home-made cinnamon rolls that morning. If you have a great recipe, I'd like it.
Well, I love you all dearly and cannot wait to see you and hear from you! Here is all our new information for now! We are renting so this won't be permanent.

The Drolets
181 E. Camino Limon Verde
Sahuarita, AZ 85629
(520) 647-9696