Monday, August 4, 2014

Letter to My Daughter With Dyslexia

Dear Glory,
 You are amazing. I will always think you are beautiful, smart an talented. Dyslexia does not define you. You are more than what you can read or write. I will hug you when you have a rough day. I will praise you when have a success, I will celebrate very paragraph read alone, every sentence written in your beautiful cursive.

   I will cheer for A, or B's, or C's, or even D's when you try and try and still struggle. You are enough.
 I won't let you wallow or sit in self pity. I won't let you sit the bench when its your time to play. I, as your mother, will push you to your limit, expect your best and challenge you to achieve more than you thought. I will see what you can't see....your talent, your abilities, your heart, your character and I will walk with you as you venture out.

    I will let you fall, I will even let you break, but I pray you do not let fear destroy you. Not you. Not my Glory.

     Brokenness will be woven into your story but it will not BE your story  and the light will shine into all the broken pieces and you will glow and burn and color your world. You will win and love and build and repair and strengthen and trust and your story will matter...because you matter.
                                                                I love you,