Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Amphibean House

So, the new rave here at our house recently has been frogs, frogs, frogs! I love them but the girls especially. Our first pet frog, Hopper, was found outside by our house last week but he was laid to rest Saturday after we discovered he wasn't moving. This knowledge drove Glory to tears and I mean, TEARS!!! We've never seen her so heartbroken and sad. It even made me cry! So, Jonathan, the softie that he is, drove his two princesses to PetSmart today to remedy the situation and buy a new frog. Eighty dollars later, we were set with a frog tank complete with two frogs(one for each girl), rocks and lily pads and some little rock hide-out thing. Frogs eat live crickets, five every other day. No wonder Hopper died. We were feeding him carrots and lettuce! Poor guy...So, now we not only have pet frogs, but we'll get a cricket house to hold all the crickets the frogs need to eat. We're still working on the names. Glory wants to name them Eric and Pamela for Pamela and her boyfriend! We'll see!

San Diego!!!

My sister, Pamela, has been here with us since Wednesday and we left for a vacation to San Diego on Sunday. We had a blast. Stayed at the DoubleTree, walked along the beach and went to the San Diego Zoo, which was absolutely incredible!!!! We definitely want to go back for a longer stay. Maybe with some friends??? Maybe YOU??

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finally......Some Video!

Here we go....Justus fussing and the biggest sister fixing it all with her "little mommy" ways!Enjoy and thanks to my Arizona friend Amanda Long, who taught me how to do this.

Love to all!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Important Stuff

So, this morning I got out the door with only one leg shaved and the other leg...well, not. At least the left leg was taken care of. I was going to need a machete if I waited any longer. Then at WalMart I realized I had milk on my shoulder and was missing my right earring. Oh, well, I came to the conclusion that as long as my kids are clean and fed, that's all that matters. It sure would be nice to shave both legs, though!!!!!

On another note, Glory is doing well in school and enjoys it. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Hoffman and we like her alot. Glory likes lunchtime alot, according to her. She also enjoys her homework!!! :) This is good!

We love picking her up from school. I like to be the first car in the car line, but that doesn't always happen. Almost, though!!
Pamela comes in on Wednesday night and we get about 9 days with her. We are very excited. We're going to San Diego for a mini vacation on Monday and Tuesday! That should be fun to do with her.

Grace, Justus and I are having fun during the day while Glory's away. We go grocery shopping together, the library and spend alot of time in the kitchen eating, which Grace really enjoys. Today for lunch, she chose carrots, grapes, yogurt and cereal!

The best news from the girls is regarding their new little critters, two crickets and one frog. They each have their own home with dirt and critter food. The girls check up on them every chance they get and seem to be very proud of them. They have no fear of picking them up, even though the frogs always pee on Glory!
Late last night, Grace didn't have a cricket like Glory and she seemed a bit sad abouot this, so Jonathan went out with a flashlight and chased one down. She woke up to it this morning and was so excited. I'm just thankful it wasn't me that had to do the cricket-finding in the dark! Way to go, Jonathan!
That's all for now, folks! Love to all!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fuzzy Brain!

I'm quite the fuzz brain these days. And our camera broke today so I need to get that looked at so I can post pics. We have some great ones!!
Sorry for the delay. I have to get some pics up of Justus' awesome room with his letters on the wall and Glory's very first day of school which was very special and memorable and how big little guy is getting and what a great big sister Grace is to him! My friend Amanda is going to teach me personally how to post video on the blog so be looking for that!
Love to all!