Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Big Feast At Golden Corral!

After church, we met my aunts, uncle and cousins at the Golden Corral for an amazing feast. We liked it and we all had our fair share. This first pic is my cousin Deborah. She's 24 and planning to attend nursing school soon. I adore her! The second is my Tia Dottie, whom Grace adores and always wants to snuggle with when we get together. We had a great time!

Easter Happenings!

OK, so mindless as I am, I forgot to get a family picture with Jonathan all handsomed up!!! So, it's all girls on this post.
We had an outdoor service which the whole neighborhood was invited to . May people came. It was rather nice, the weather, I mean, and most everyone was in sundresses and shorts. But not us. We had to get all dressed up! My mom sent these beautiful dresses for the girls to wear and we had alot of fun getting all dressed up, except for the hair fiasco with Glory..the one where it takes 30 minutes and she cries and I promise her that when we're done, she can have a new pencil with the sharpener and 2 cheap-o necklaces from the goody bag!!!!!!
We baptized a total of 19 people and the baptism part of the service was my absolute favorite!!!
Lots of parents and children got baptized together which was especialy neat!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thoughts on Today!

Today, raher spur of the moment, I decided to take the girls to an Easter play in Tucson at a church there. After I woke up, (I worked last night), we hung out and then took a nap together, yes , another chance to sleep!
Then we got all dressed up, Glory wanted to wear her Easter dress, so I let her and we went to this church for the girls' first Easter play. Jonathan was at Chick-Fil-A, that 's why he wasn't with us.
Anyway it was really good. The girls had tons of questions about it....are the soldiers mean, are they really hurting Jesus, why are all the ladies' hair down to their back(this was a united pentecostal church!), are they really drinking Jesus' blood at the Last Supper, how does Jesus come out of the tomb if he's dead, what are "muracles"!, how does God live in me if he gets so busy with all those lepers he has to heal?, on and on and on...
I finally was developing a sore throat from whispering all these answers in the middle of the play and I just wanted us all to sit still, shut our sweet mouths and watch the play. (While I'm thinking this, Grace's shoes are off, on the floor, her dress is up to her neck so she can scratch her belly, Glory has bit her lip from chewing almonds too fast, Grace has to make another river(that's going to the ladies' room, by the way), AGAIN, and I need some Tums like you would not believe.)
Anyhow, these very minor difficulties were eradicated rather quickly and I began to thank God that I can answer these sweet searching questions of a three and four year old.
They continued all the way home, these questions and my best possible answers. Tonight we got to see what Easter is all about and it will resonate in two little girl's hearts forever.
I guess the sore throat doesn't matter in the long run. As long as the questions keep coming.....

Thanks, God, for Easter. Thanks for little children who want the truth and will not stop til they get it. Thanks for giving up Your life for me and all those that I love...thanks for leaving us speechless when we're asked how You live in us when You're so busy healing lepers. I don't know how You do it, I just know You do because I feel you...in the hugs of two little girls, in the kicks of this little miracle growing inside of me, in the unending questions of little women who will grow up to know You and make you known. I don't mind the sore throat..I really don't. I just thank you for the privilege to talk about Your amazing love.
And thanks for the Tums!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sabino Canyon

We visited an amazing canyon this Friday on our last day with Pamela!
We live only 45 minutes away from this beautiful place, complete with waterfalls made from melting snow, little creeks and sandbanks to splash in, amazing canyon views and hiking! We had so much fun!
We really miss Pamela. She had been here for 8 days and we enjoyed every minute of it.
Every guest we have HAS to visit Sabino with us. It was amazing!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Warm Fuzzies!!

So,Pamela found this great story online about a village where people choose to hand out either warm fuzzies or cold pricklies, referring to words and actions the villagers passed on to others. So the girls think that's pretty neat and we're walking around talking about how we don't want any cold pricklies in our house!
Here's a verse that compliments the story.

Proverbs 11: 17
A kind man benefits himself, but a cruel man brings trouble on himself.

So in Drolet terms, one who freely gives out warm fuzzies will himself be warm , but the Drolet who is harsh and unkind will be cold and miserable.
Like my paraphrase???
Let today be a warm fuzzy day!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

21 Weeks!!!!

We're over halfway there!!!!! Today we made Easter cupcakes and this is one Glory made for me. We had tons of fun and got sprinkles and icing all over the kitchen!
I also got my hair done Saturday! Like it!

Dad and His Girls!

Pictures from this week....a great book I'd suggest from the library is " A Chair For My Mother" by Vera B. Williams. It won an award and it's great! We have checked it out several times and the girls love it.

Movie Madness!!!

So, I'm not a huge movie person, but this weekend I saw two movies at the theater in 48 hours!!! Last night Jonathan and I went to see 10, 000 BC and tonight Pamela and I went to see Vantage Point. I like both!!! And enjoyed the buttery popcorn too, which I rarely splurge on!
Having a great time with Pamela here!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Still a Boy!

Today was our big ultrasound! Still a boy, apparently! And we are more excited than ever!
We also got to see perfect little hands and fingers and toes. He really liked us to see his feet. I think they'll be long little feet.
The heartbeat was amazing, the spinal cord and brain and kidneys, all looked great!
Dr. Farias said my weight gain is perfect but the baby will probably be a good size. He's measuring one week larger than his due date but that's fine. July 18 is still the due date. That's a Friday!
Before the ultrasound, we all went to McDonald's for breakfast at 0730 in the morning! The girls really enjoyed that! I had just gotten off the night shift so I was starving!!
Then I came home and slept after the appt. and Jonathan( get this)! went shopping for home decor! Shopping for home decor!!! I love it. He came home with a table runner and placemats, ottoman, and vase with fillers included!! And I liked everything he chose!!!He said he avoided th baby section because he wanted to buy all the boy stuff!!!! I'm really liking orange boy stuff right now for some reason!
The amazing thing is that even though I was so excited with all my pregnancies, this one is really special and different, maybe because it's a boy and we get to imagine what he'll look like and stuff and maybe because the girls are older and able to understand and help care for their sweet brother.
Either way, this is a very exciting time and we are thankful to see our family growing.
Thanks for reading and watching our blog. More to come!!!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Email

Yes, to all you friends who have asked, my new email is aprildrolet@cox.net, although I have yet to check it. I'll do it soon, I promise!
Love you all!
Oh, and by the way, Jonathan has a new and great job, in case I haven't gotten the word out. He is the day manager at Chick-Fil-A and planning on getting his own store eventually. Yes, I love the benefits of him bringing me food home. Today it was the Southwestern salad that I ate this am at 2!!!!! I'm at work!And the brownies, and the soup and the fries and the chicken biscuits.....I didn't just eat all that but I do love it all!
He's really happy there and the girls and I enjoy visiting him!