Friday, August 3, 2007

Why I Love Friends

5 Reasons I love Friends

1. They tell you if you have spinach in your teeth!
2. They keep your children at a moment's notice and love every minute of it!! REALLY!
3. They are so darn cute when they're pregnant!
(This, of course, applies to my girlfriends only, especially my fried Lauren, in Boston, who is like a sister to me and will make me an aunt in January)
4. They cook great and share the food!
5. They act like they're listening even when you're rambling and sound like a crazy fool!

Today is Friday and I have this amazing thankfulness for my friends. I have many! At least, I think I do unless something has changed and they are all very amazing and God-loving!

The Trip is Coming( and not because my feet are big)!

OK, all, so in one week, Jonathan and I and our friends will be in Tucson, getting a feel for what life would be like there. We're going there with our friends, Austin and Cami. Of course, we are totally excited about going on vacation with another couple and no KIDS!!!!