Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reading Delays, Cookies and Fresh Picked Okra

So, we have suspected awhile now that Glory may have some reading delays, most likely dyslexia, mainly from the noticing of her leaving out connecting words and getting blends mixed up. Having her home lets us go at a slower pace and "get it" before we move on. It also gives me the chance to become very irritated and impatient when a sentence may take forever to read. Today, I had to remember that the process is all part of the learning and we got to snuggle in my bed while she read all about tributaries and aquifers and which two continents are connected by the Isthmus of Suez. When it was done, we made bowls of cereal and ate Chips A Hoy and then she went to create a new dress for her doll. The slow process ended in learning and quality time and I was better for it.  Glory is an intelligent, creative girl and being with her today was a huge plus. I hope I can always remind each child to be excellent at their strengths and not stress too terribly about their weaknesses.
On another note, we handpicked 15 okra from our garden yesterday and stewed them with tomatoes and quinoa. DELICIOUS!!!!!

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