Saturday, January 7, 2012

Getting in the Routine

Today I'm back to work after being off for about 3 weeks. I'm ready to go back and hoping I don't get too tired. Tuesday marked 10 weeks of pregnancy. Feeling a little better than the last few weeks and thankful for that.
Jonathan took the Christmas tree down today and we had an amazing breakfast of Grace's Strawberry Banana Pecan pancakes and Glory made omelettes her daddy's way, which is the best.
I'm super pumped about MOPS this Monday. I love all the ladies that go and I think the kids and I will all love it.
One thing I'm most excited about next week is that I have an appt at Veritas Academy in north Tucson for a look around and tour. It's a Christian classical college prep school for homeschooling families that incorporates 2 days of classes in a traditional environment and 3 days of schooling at home. I am really excited about it and hope it's a good fit.
They teach Latin and Spanish and are heavy on Bible memorization and character training. We shall see. to the grocery for that key lime pie that i really want.
and.......go TEXANS!!!!

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